I ask myself this question again and again without much speculation, waiting for somebody to come … and hug me. No one comes, and I start craving to win him/her over. I completely forget about my pristine intentions. Then, under constant love-stress, I shout at my wife confirming the saying “Ignorance has pathological diopters”. Strange looks, anxiety, brooding… a chase for a new lovegiver, loveprovider, loveseller,. lovebeast. A walk down the aisle, stumbling, fall… a glimpse upwards… a mirror, and, lo and behold, a scared countenance I’m immediately feeling sorry for… I feel I could really grow fond of that person. The moment of insight! Foundation! Life!


About alenlacijan

I stopped searching for the meaning of life, now I try to live it at my best, and I love myself for this:)
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